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Hand-crafted with flowers chosen specifically for your custom crown, I create each piece to suit your taste, style, colour requirements, and desire. They can be made to be big and bold and bright; dainty, soft, and feminine; or ideal for drying to keep everlasting. A fresh flower crown is perfect to gift to a person of any age, for any occasion.



Welcome guests to your home all year ‘round with a hand made wreath that suits your home and style. Wreaths made to create neighbourhood door envy or to place on a wall in your house to admire while you rest, your custom made wreath will brighten your day every time you look at it.



Every special event I create for is customized to you and designs are never duplicated. I work from home, I do not operate like a traditional flower shop; I order every flower specifically for you and give each bloom the individual care it requires. I hand-craft your designs the day before your wedding and therefore limit the number of events I work with each week so that I am able to give the undivided attention to your special day. If you are looking for bridal party flowers, wearable flowers for your loved ones, or a garland for your arch or tables, reach out and let's create a beautiful day.



Looking for the perfect way to celebrate a birthday, bridal shower, stagette, staff party, or ladies’ night?Learn a new skill, get back to nature, and have a unique and memorable experience with one of my floral workshops.

Nicole from Ever Red Fresh Designs will guide you and your guests through a 2 hour flower experience where you will learn about the florals you are working with and why she chose them as you take part in this fun hands-on workshop to create a beautiful piece to wear or take home to enjoy. No experience necessary and all materials required to create your masterpiece are provided!