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"I often cry when handing a bride her bouquet; it shows how much love, time,
care, and effort I have put in to one piece of floral art".

I create with love from my home in Powell River British Columbia, so simple, often intimate yet stylish, weddings are my style. Every special event I create for is customized to you and designs are never duplicated. I personalize each quote to work with your likes and needs and enjoy suggesting other floral options or ideas as you require. Because I work from home, I do not operate like a traditional flower shop; I order every flower specifically for you and give each bloom the individual care it requires. I hand-craft your designs the day before your wedding and therefore limit the number of events I work with each week so that I am able to give the undivided attention to your special day. If you are looking for bridal party flowers, wearable flowers for your loved ones, or a garland for your arch or tables, I would love to hear from you. Have other ideas for florals for your big day? Let’s chat!